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Foxy Tech

Foxy Tech makes your shopping experience as easy as possible. With a wealth of knowledge surrounding the market and a passion for customer service, they love what they do.


Nerd Network Digital

Nerd Network Digital is a different type of Digital Agency, they are your friends in your transition into the digital age. They do website design and development, graphic design, custom discord bots and much more


Grant Hinds

Grant Hinds is a well known South African Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, gamer and all-round geek. He mostly streams Over Watch on Twitch and reviews Tech and vlogs on YouTube. Check him out!

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Enby autistic streamer who is passionate about gaming, geeking and making the world a better place!



CamCeej is a male streamer from joburg. He loves playing video games and being the hype man. He streams mainly FPS games and has all the vibes and tunes. Whenever you join the stream its always a massive party. He is part of the Team Ceej community which is a united group of awesome gamer girls and guys that all share the same passion - Beaming and Screaming.

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