Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To Common Questions About Our Company And The Services We Offer.

General Questions

We provide technical and billing support from 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM from Monday to Friday (SAST). Saturday 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM (SAST) Sunday we are closed. Please note that we still provide support out of the defined hours but the response time may vary depending on our team availability.

We provide free standard technical and billing support with all our services. Additionally we provide semi-managed and managed support plans for an extra cost. Please note that we can always do small tasks for free if you have a service with us, such as installing mod packs, changing versions or doing migrations if you are transferring from another host. Just ask our team, we’ll be more than happy to help you.

We currently accept Credit Cards and instant EFT through PayGenius, We accept PayPal and Manual EFT payments we also accept debit order (recurring billing) through PayFast. We accept all the major credit/debit cards.

Our hosting services will be deployed and activated in 2 minutes or less after successful payment. Our system may require a manual verification by our team, in which case it should not take more than 24 hours as long as you can provide all of the requested information in time. Some game servers also may take abit of time to download all files from steam.

 Our Europe and American nodes are fully protected with Arbor DDOS protection. Some of our nodes in South Africa are protected with Voxility DDOS protection.

We offer a 99.95% availability per month SLA on all our services, you can find more details in our Terms of Service.

If you are not satisfied with our services, you can request a cancellation and a full refund of your service within 24 hours of its initial activation date. Please note that our money back guarantee is limited to new customers on their first order.

You can cancel the service at any time you want. We do not enforce any contracts or obligations in this matter.

Your service will be suspended after 3 days from the due date and terminated after 6 days from the due date. You can always renew your service on the suspension period, but all your files will be permanently deleted after the termination date. We keep backup retention for 7 days. Restores after termination will be charged at R199 per server / instance

Our Game server and other hosting services use highly reliable and powerful equipment.
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Our hardware has over 99.9% uptime and rarely becomes unavailable. The most common cause of a crashed server is an issue with a plugin or mod which we can help diagnose and repair.

Our team boasts the most comprehensive support in the Game server hosting industry and we look to extend that to all games. Our support representatives have in depth knowledge of most Game servers, customization and the infrastructure that we use to run them. You can reach our support team via Discord and support tickets.

Yes, please contact our support team to begin the process for server migration. We will have to take your server offline temporary and the transfer time will depend on your server size. On average, a transfer between regions will be completed within a few minutes. Please note that your server IP will change.

Game Server Questions

We host your game server with access to a control panel via the web browser allowing you to start and stop your server and manage it all through the GUI.

Your game server will be hosted on on our dedicated servers in a vendor-neutral environment with multiple network providers for redundancy. 

We utilize TC Admin allowing full control over your server straight from your browser, including managing the console, installing different server types, upload and modify files, and more!

Yes, you can upload your existing world files, plugins and mod files

All of our games run on Budget hardware, you may view that @

Yes, We provide full access to your server so you can add and remove plugins. You can also use our plugin managers  in the control panel making this quick and easy.

We do daily backup’s at 5 AM GMT +2 for all our game servers. Please log a ticket if you need to restore to a backup

Our servers are located in South Africa and Germany.

Yes, all Game server packages come with 1 MySQL database

Not at all! We make it very easy to get started on your server with very little technical knowledge needed. We will send you the IP and Port combination that you will enter into the launcher which will work without any additional configuration.

Web Hosting Questions

Shared Hosting is a popular option for any personal or business website that is just getting started online. It is sometimes called shared services or virtual hosting as multiple websites share the same server, thus reducing the cost for all.

Purchasing a new domain name is not necessary with your Web Hosting Plan. You can use your existing domain with our Web Hosting Service without having to purchase a new one. During the checkout flow, you just have to select the option of using an existing domain name and you are good to go.

Hyper Layers Web Hosting services include cPanel®, the most popular and powerful Web Hosting Control Panel. allowing you to manage your databases on phpMyAdmin and adding or removing email accounts can be done within the cPanel®.

Please see the plans section and look for where it says “ADDON DOMAINS” This will indicate the amount of additional website domains you are allowed.

Yes, Hyper Layer has a 24 hour money back guarantee with all web hosting plans

VPS / Cloud Questions

A vCPU is a Virtual Processing Unit. One or more vCPUs are assigned to a Virtual Machine (VM). Each vCPU is seen as a single physical CPU core by your servers operating system. Larger packages include more vCPU’s. The CPU is very often not a limiting factor. In the majority of the used cases the most important factor is how much RAM (memory) is needed. Modern PHP/MySQL scripts often use a lot of RAM, so RAM is very important when deciding on the package you buy.

Memory and disk space are dedicated to your VPS while the CPU and network is shared amongst other VPS’s.

We offer all of the most popular Linux distributions such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora. Feel free to open ticket if you need an OS template that is not listed.

We utilize Virtuozzo OpenVZ for VPS and Virtuozzo KVM for Cloud servers.

At reasonable rates, we offer you full flexibility of your backups. Order a backup plan add-on at our VPS checkout. These are snapshots that allow you to roll back your virtual server to a previous state.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds for our VPS / Cloud servers since the payment process to our upstream provider has already been made on our side. We will try to offer an alternative if this is the case.

Yes we can. During checkout you will be able to select software/applications that your would like installed at an additional once off fee.

Domains Questions​

Your domain registration could be complete within minutes, provided the domain registration fee is paid and your registration information is filled out correctly.

Majority of domains can take up to 24 hours to transfer, while domains which are on EPP can be transferred in a matter of minutes, provided the domain transfer is accepted by the domain owner.

We offer all South African ccTLD and gTLD domains (ie: .joburg .durban and .capetown)

International TLD’s and gTLD’s domains are also available, including all the most popular .com .net .org .biz and .mobi.

With more than 1000 new gTLD domains being added to the internet, we will constantly update our list of available domain extensions.

Domain Names. On the Internet, your domain name is your unique identity. Any individual, business or organization planning to have an Internet presence should invest in a domain name. Having your own domain name, website and email addresses will give you and your business a more professional look.

The short answer to the question is “no”. That is, if all you want is to reserve a domain name, you can easily do it by simply registering that domain. You do not need a web host or website. This is called domain parking.